Brianna Perry dishes on her Miami influence and what she learned during the pandemic

Miami rapper Brianna Perry says being from the South plays a huge influence in her life, just as much as her music. 

“I feel like you hear the influence of the South in all my music. You can’t escape it, especially living in Miami, growing up in Miami. It’s fun,” she tells ABC Audio. “It’s a lot going on. We got a lot of bright colors, a lot of good food, a lot of good music.  We just…outside.”

Perry says you can feel that Miami “energy” and “sunshine” when you “press play” on her latest album,Boss B**** Boulevard, which dropped last week. She added that the album was also inspired by the past pandemic year.  

“This past year with the pandemic man, it inspired me in so many ways, especially in my music, to just go harder and to just stay on my grind and not take anything for granted in life, period,” she explains. “Anytime you get an opportunity to do something, just do it and go hard and just…live life every day. ‘Cause you really never know what could happen.”

Looking towards the future, Perry says she’s not taking anything for granted and learning to live in the moment. 

“[I’m] not taking a day for granted, not taking a moment for granted, not taking a party for granted. Not taking being around people I love for granted and doing what I love being on the stage in front of people,” she continues. “I’m just loving life. Pandemic got me loving life even more.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Boss B**** Boulevard is out now.

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