Brandy mixes early music with new Stella Rosa Brandy partnership

When Brandy walked into the designated interview room at Ada’s Place at Legacy Records, she expressed her excitement, and nerves, about discussing her newest business venture into the world of alcoholic beverages. 

Her chat with ABC Audio revealed that her anxiety stems from caring so much about each of her projects — including her collaboration with Stella Rosa’s new brandy.

After joining forces with the wine company for a variety of reasons, Brandy said she was especially excited to bring some of her music into the mix. 

She did so with the custom-made B Rocka cocktail, one of three original drinks offered to attendees at the special introduction event in New York last week. It’s most notably an extension of the singer’s moniker and the popular 2002 “B Rocka Intro” featured on her third studio album, Full Moon.   

The singer, who recently started enjoying brandy thanks to the partnership, said she’d choose the song-inspired drink if she had to drum up a concoction of her own. And, considering the track’s often-cited connection to her evolvement and empowerment as an artist, it falls in line with why she loves it and even why the brand collaboration made sense to her.  

“I love working with people that love working with me,” she said of the “natural partnership,” adding that it felt like the right connection.

The right connection not only because of the naming of it all, she said, but also because of the possibilities.

“I just think the product is so good, and it’s unique and it’s modern,” Brandy said. 

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