Bow Wow says new generation of rappers lack artist development: “Do these labels even care”

Bow Wow is letting it be known that he isn’t here for the current state of rap because he believes some of the newcomers lack artist development. 

He aired his grievances in a series of tweets Monday, writing that many of the rising stars are landing deals and producing music when they probably shouldn’t be. 

“Can we please bring back artist development at these labels,” Bow wrote. “Do these labels even care about these artist? Yall be throwing them on platforms knowing they not ready.”

The Atlanta rapper compared necessary development practices to a boxer who is “trained and taught before battle,” adding that “subpar a**” artists are being pushed with “no proper teaching.”

Bow said that there’s a list of rising rap stars who should be getting recognition, but aren’t: SymbaWestside BoogieLady LondonLola Brooke and “so many more.”

“Stop pushing that bs on us!” Bow urged, adding, “The fans are waking up and hip hop is about to change for the better.”

As to why he’s not a fan of rap currently: the artists “cant talk. I don’t understand wtf they saying. Be dry as hell in interviews.”

Noting his own passion for performing onstage, Bow said, “I dont even wanna get on they stage presence. Rapping over vocals s*** is sloppy out here man. We gotta clean this s*** up.”

He ended his rant by encouraging rappers to get better or “get tf out the way.”

Fans in Bow Wow’s comment sections mostly agreed with the rapper. One user wrote, “they need to sign artists that actually have talent and not because they’re popular on the internet.”

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