Bobby V says ‘The Appetizer’ is the precursor to ‘Sunday Dinner’

Last year, Bobby V was set to release his highly-anticipated album, Sunday Dinner. Instead, he’s planning to serve fans with his forthcoming project, The Appetizer.

The R&B singer tells ABC Audio he is planning to drop his new album “in the next couple of weeks” because you can’t have dinner before you’ve had a sample. 

“The Appetizer is before you get that main course and that main course is Sunday Dinner,” says Bobby. “[It’s] kind of just getting [everybody] ready for this amazing Sunday Dinner album.”

Bobby describes Sunday Dinner as a dedication to his family, which could arrive before or after his appearance on TV One’s UNSUNG series airing in May.

“I wanted to drop the album Sunday Dinner with the UNSUNG [episode] because [it’s]…pretty much based around my family and how important they are to me,” he continues.  “I did it in the midst of not putting Sunday Dinner out last year and this time [around] I’ve still been recording.”

The “Reply” singer said these days he’s doing a lot more “producing as well as writing,” as CEO of his own independent label.

“The Appetizer is showing people my producing skills, my writing skills and just wearing that executive hat more,” Bobby continues. “Of course, I have my label, Veltree Music Group, [so] this is just getting ready for the Sunday Dinner.

“Sunday dinner is very, very dear to me because it just really speaks on a lot of situations and life situations that I know people more than just myself have gone through,” adds Bobby. “It’s just really touching on and thanking my family for always being there for me.”

By Rachel George
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