‘Big Mouth’ actor Brandon Kyle Goodman says “the transition from actor to television writer was challenging”

Actor Brandon Kyle Goodman entered the writers room for season four of Netflix’s hit animated series, Big Mouth.

Despite fans’ positive reactions on social media, he tells ABC Audio his first time writing for a television series was a “challenging” experience. 

“The transition from actor to television writer was challenging,” says Goodman. “It’s just a different muscle of the brain, a different muscle of the body and spirit to flex.”

He said he personally dealt with feelings of “self doubt” and “fear” due to working alongside experienced talents like SNL’s Maya Rudolph, Oscar-winner Jordan Peele and some of the “funniest people in the industry that are writing on [Big Mouth], that are voice [characters] on that show and animating that show.”

“It was intimidating so there was a lot of personal work to get over that hurdle,” Goodman admitted. “But I did it and I’m very, very proud of my work on the show.”  (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

In season four of Big Mouth, writer and comedian Ayo Edebiri made her debut as the new voice of the show’s biracial character, Missy, a role actress Jenny Slate stepped down from in June.

Twitter fans especially love the show’s references to today’s hottest artists and entertainers. In episode two, Missy’s visited her cousins in Atlanta who had cartoon posters of the City Girls, SZA and Rico Nasty plastered on their bedroom walls. And one of Missy’s cousins just so happened to be Emmy-winning filmmaker Lena Waithe

Other season four episodes featured Lil Yachty, Seth Rogen and This is Us star Sterling K. Brown as Michaelgelo. 

All four seasons of Big Mouth are available now on Netflix.

By Rachel George
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