Avant explains how fans called him back to R&B music with ‘Can We Fall in Love’

R&B veteran Avant reminded fans of his romantic songwriting skills with his latest album, Can We Fall in Love.

It’s his first album since 2015’s The VIII, and Avant tells ABC Audio it was his fans who encouraged his return. 

“I haven’t done a studio album in five years,” he says. “And the thing was, I really wanted to find out if they still had love for R&B or myself. So my whole goal was to just find out if they were going to ask me to come back. And the fans asked me to come back, so that’s the most important part to me.”

Avant, the dynamic singer, songwriter and producer, has captivated his audiences since the 1990s, with his timeless and romantic ballads.

“When you write classic music that [doesn’t] go away, it always has its purpose,” he says.

“That’s what Marvin [Gaye] did with ‘What’s Going On,"” Avant continues. “Of course, he wasn’t listening to other people on the radio because was no one even had the balls to even try a record like what he did.”

“To me, that’s what music is all about. You can’t follow the trends and all the bells and whistles that’s going on out here. You have to stick to your guns and understand what you do works for people.”

“So I would tell any artist out there, make sure that you are in [fans’] playlist[s],” adds Avant. “Not, only in their playlist, but in their minds as well.”

By Rachel George
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