As her new album drops, Brianna Perry dishes on her growth “as an artist and a woman”

 Miami rapper Brianna Perry is back with her new album, Boss B**** Boulevard. 

The 10-track effort exploits Perry’s blunt rhymes and unapologetic lyrics on empowering anthems like “So What,” “Fied Up,” and her latest single, “Type of Body.”

Perry says Boss B**** Boulevard celebrates her growth not only “as an artist but as a woman” since 2018’s Fortune Cookie.

“Even with this past year with COVID happening we all had a lot time to just sit with ourselves and just see where we’re at and what we want,” she tells ABC Audio. “I learned so much about myself. My main focus is just legacy and I’m just thinking about the bigger picture in life and I know that everything is lot bigger than me now.”

Perry admits her “thinking has grown and changed a lot” in the last two years, but also since her early years in the music industry nearly 20 years ago. She says she maintains her dominant presence by staying focused on her goals.

“No matter if you an artist or whatever you do it’s always going to be obstacles. It’s always going to be hurdles and I feel like those things are there to see how bad you really want it,” she says. “Are you going to get past this or are you going to let this stop you? And in this game whether you a female or a male you can’t let nothing stop you, if you want it.”(AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Boss B**** Boulevard is out now.

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