Arsema Thomas of ‘Queen Charlotte’ treasures family time on Thanksgiving

Arsema Thomas, who stars as young Lady Danbury in the popular Bridgerton spinoff Queen Charlotte, says for her, Thanksgiving is about spending time with loved ones. 

She told ABC Audio about this year’s plans to travel back to her hometown of Atlanta, to eat good food and to enjoy family. 

“[It’s] very rare that you get a chance to do that anymore,” Thomas said. “After COVID, it feels so rare of a jewel.”

Of the important time spent laughing and making memories, Thomas said, “I’m holding it ever so delicately in my hands.”

As for how she and her family plan to celebrate? With “a lot of Ethiopian music, a lot of dancing and singing.”

“It’s a vibe,” she said.

Though a Georgia native, Thomas lived many years of her life across sub-Saharan Africa. The 29-year-old star thanks her parents — her father is Nigerian, her mother is Ethiopian — for instilling in her vital family and life values. 

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