Alicia Keys to lead intimate lecture series about songwriting and producing music

If you ever wanted to learn how to write or produce a hit single, there’s a major opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best —  Alicia Keys herself.

The “Girl on Fire” singer — and 15-time Grammy winner — will be teaching her own MasterClass about songwriting and producing.  

“I cannot stress enough the power you have when you’re truly confident in yourself,” notes Keys. “In my MasterClass, I’m excited to connect on a different level. We’re gonna talk about what I’ve learned, my process and how to access what’s inside of you, so you can connect and get it out into the world.”

The official press release touts that students can expect “Keys [to] not only reveal her complete approach to songwriting but also share her inspiring philosophies on how to unlock authenticity, empathy and vulnerability.”

The intimate lecture series will start with the “My Boo” singer breaking down the art of composing lyrics that speak to the soul before leading students through the process of making a fully-fledged single.

Keys will also deconstruct the “anatomy of her many anthemic tracks” over her 19 video lessons, allowing for an ultra-intimate look at her creative process.  

Lastly, the decorated singer will discuss the inequalities she’s observed in the music industry and what she is doing to create more space at the table for “those whose voices are silenced.” 

David Rogier, the founder and CEO of MasterClass, said learning from a “legend” presents an incredible opportunity for aspiring music producers and songwriters.

“In her MasterClass, Alicia not only breaks down her creative process, but deconstructs her most influential songs,” says Rogier. “She appeals to and unites her audience with empathy and empowerment.”

Those interested can sign up now for the streamed lecture series now on the official MasterClass website

By Megan Stone
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