New 7-part film series on the Winans family in the works

Michael Winans, in partnership with 5-0 Studios London, announced a new seven-part film series is in the works on the famous Winans gospel music family. Winans 100- Thankful will chronicle the Winans family tree, tracing their roots back more than 200 years, starting with ancestors Louis and Ruby in 1805 and the six... Read More.

Deborah Joy Winans shares what viewers should take away from Don’t Waste Your Pretty: “It’s OK to be hurt”

Deborah Joy Winans stars in Demetria L. Lucas' new film, Don't Waste Your Pretty, alongside Redaric Williams and Keri Hilson.  The Greenleaf star plays Jeanné, a recent divorcee who now struggles in the love department, although she finds it in someone close to her.  "In playing the role of Jeanné, I think that you see a woman that... Read More.