What it’s like to spend “10,000 Hours” on Christmas morning with Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay treated fans to a special holiday gift recently: Two brand-new Christmas songs, “Take Me Home for Christmas” and “Christmas Isn’t Christmas.”  But when it comes to their own Christmas celebrations, the “10,000 Hours” duo says it involves a lot of dogs — and a lot of boxes.

“Christmas morning…it’s the best, it’s just always has been and still is,” says the duo’s Dan Smyers. “With four dogs, it’s a lot.”

“[My wife and I] get the dogs lots of presents, and they’re running around getting all their toys, getting all their treats,” he explains. “We usually spend [Christmas] out at our farm and it’s the best time ever. This year, I’m hoping for a little snow on Christmas.”

As for Shay Mooney, he’s got his hands full with two young sons — Asher and Ames — and he’s hoping Asher will be left “Speechless” by his presents for a change.

“This’ll be my youngest’s first Christmas: Ames, this’ll be his first one and Asher, I think this’ll be the first that he knows kinda what’s going on,” Shay laughs. “He usually plays with the boxes, so maybe he’ll actually look at the gifts this year!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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