Walker Hayes eases his heartache with classic country music and alcohol in “Drinking Songs”

Walker Hayes might be “trying to stay out of AA” in his current single, but in his just-released new tune, “Drinking Songs,” he’s falling prey to “ciga-regrets” and the kind of heartache only a stiff drink can cure.

It’s the first song on the track list of Country Stuff The Album, an upcoming expansion on his 2021 EP of the same title. That project also includes his mega-hit, “Fancy Like,” plus follow-up single “AA” and 10 more tracks.

Though he’s six years sober, Walker says he loves revisiting the heady healing powers of alcohol through the lyrics of his new song.

“‘Drinking Songs’ is one of my favorites off the new album. I don’t drink anymore but I still connect with how a song can get you through, just like a drink can for some people,” he explains. “We’ve all been in a bar full of people singing together, arms around each other. Plus, the lyrics and the beat have a relatable quality to them that feels so country to me.”

Later this month, Walker’s kicking off The Fancy Like Tour.

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