Tyler Hubbard titled his upcoming album Strong after a series of funny remarks

Tyler Hubbard recently unveiled details about his forthcoming sophomore album, including its title, track list and release date. Now, he’s giving fans an inside look at how he decided on titling the project Strong.

“As far as naming the album [Strong], you know, it kind of came organically in a funny way where we kept referring to everything as ‘well, that’s a strong take’ or ‘that’s a strong mix’ or ‘that’s a really strong song for this next album’ or ‘that’s a strong photo’ or whatever,” Tyler explains.

“And as we were trying to title this project, we just kept saying that and finally I’m just like, ‘Guys, why don’t we just call it strong?"” he shares.

“Strong” isn’t just a word that sprung up in casual remarks. It’s also the title track and the closer on the 13-track record and one that Tyler believes in.

“It feels like it’s overall a pretty strong project. I would confidently say that I’m proud of it. I love the heart behind the actual song and I love the depth of the word ‘strong,"” says Tyler. So he thought to himself, “Let’s just roll with that and see where it goes.”

Strong is available for preorder and presave now. Its lead single, “Back Then Right Now,” is approaching the top 10 of the country charts.

Here’s the track list for Strong:

“Wish You Would”
“A Lot With a Little”
“Night Like That”
“Take Me Back”
“Back Then Right Now”
“American Mellencamp”
“Summer Talkin"”
“’73 Beetle”

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