Travis Denning pays homage to early 2000s country with “ABBY” video

Travis Denning is taking it back to the early 2000s with the humorous video for his latest single, “ABBY.” 

Throughout the video, Travis tips his hat to the artists that came before him including Kenny Chesney,Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry

“I swear, the early 2000s were perfect for country music videos. They were cheesy, but they were fun and they’re so nostalgic now. I wish I could do a video like that,” Travis says.

His self-fulfilling prophecy comes to life in the video that honors the classic moves as seen in early 2000s country music videos, with Travis dramatically singing in the rain and playing guitar in an open field in a brilliant sunset.

The singer also dons a black cowboy hat, akin to Tim McGraw‘s, and throws in some signature hip swivels for good measure, along with plenty of dramatic, deadpan expressions.  

“‘ABBY’ has always been a song that typically gets a good laugh when people first hear the lyrics. So, when it came to a concept for the music video, it just made sense for it to be something that matched that sentiment of lightheartedness and not taking yourself too seriously,” he explains. 

“ABBY” is the follow up single to Travis’ #1 hit, “After a Few.” It’s featured on his 2020 EP, Beer’s Better Cold.

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