Tim McGraw offers fatherly wisdom to Garrett Hedlund: “You never stop learning”

After actor Garrett Hedlund revealed last week that Tim McGraw is the godfather of his and Emma Roberts‘ son Rhodes Robert, the two actors joined together for a conversation about fatherhood via Leo Edit.

In the expansive conversation, Tim reflects on the shock and awe that he and wife Faith Hill felt becoming first time parents to eldest daughter Gracie in 1997. 

“When we were taking her home, we couldn’t believe they were letting us take this baby home. We didn’t know what we were doing. I can’t believe they let us put her in the car with us and bring her home,” Tim recalls. 

The “Humble and Kind” singer also imparted some wisdom onto the new dad, who inquired if life milestones such as a first step or first word ever get old, with Tim noting that a child’s life is full of firsts that you get to experience with them as a parent.

“All those firsts are always going to be there, and you have to prepare yourself for those things. Always be prepared for an opportunity. All those things connect. It goes back to always learning. You never stop learning. You teach your kids that, and that is something that is very important,” he explains. “Here is what you can want for your kids. You hope for the rest of their life that they will always have the opportunity to take a first step on a great adventure.”

Tim and Garrett met on the set of the 2004 film Friday Night Lights where Tim portrayed Charles Billingsley, the father to Garrett’s character, Don Billingsley. The two also starred in Country Strong and Garrett appeared in the video for Tim’s 2012 hit single, “Truck Yeah.” 

By Cillea Houghton 
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