The wait is over: Kenny Chesney announces new album, ‘BORN’

Kenny Chesney has announced his forthcoming new album, BORN.

Arriving March 29, the follow-up to 2020’s Here And Now will include its lead single, “Take Her Home,” the unreleased title track and more as-yet-unannounced tracks.

“We’re still not quite done deciding what’s going on here, but one thing’s for sure: BORN is absolutely the title track,” says Kenny. “It’s got a lot of heart, a lot of soul – and it speaks the truth about living, life and what we’re all doing here. Banjo out front, a great big pocket that rocks back and forth, it feels great.”

“But more importantly, it’s a lyric that throws out all the options, never tells you what to do and throws out the one existential truth no matter what you choose: ‘one thing’s for certain, we’ve all been living since the day we were born,"” he adds.

Accompanying Kenny’s announcement is the cover art of BORN, which he describes as “clean and simple and true.”

“It’s the kind of picture that says everything, but leaves plenty of room for everything else,” shares Kenny. “My friend Allister shot it, and it’s just me looking straight into No Shoes Nation. When I saw it, it was really the only choice for this record.”

“Take Her Home” is currently approaching the top 25 on the country charts.

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