“Soul”: Lee Brice’s new music video is a feel-good, romantic dance party

Lee Brice is in the mood for good-timing romance in the music video for his latest single, “Soul.” Set at a wedding, the video follows the bride and groom — plus a handful of other couples, all at different stages in their relationship — through a romantic and irrepressible dance party.

Just like lines from the song such as “Kiss you from your head to your toeses,” the video brings a dash of unapologetic cheesiness into the mix, but at the root of the song is something much deeper.

“The idea that our souls truly connect to each other in unexplainable ways has always been at the core of what I do as a musician, a writer, a producer, a singer…” Lee explains. “And I think it’s a good reminder to keep with me every day. I hope everybody loves this song as much as I do.”

“Soul” is currently climbing the charts at country radio. It follows Lee’s latest chart-topper, “Memory I Don’t Mess With.”

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