Song on Jimmie Allen’s Tulip Drive will chronicle father’s addiction

Jimmie Allen has said that his next album, Tulip Drive, will be his most personal and autobiographical record to date. Now, he’s getting a little more specific about some of the stories he plans to share.

In a conversation with Billboard, Jimmie says that one track on the project, called “Habits & Hearts,” will detail his memories of growing up with a father who struggled with addiction.

Jimmie didn’t write the song — it’s a co-write by Derrick Southerland, Jess Cates and Steven McMorran — but the singer says it instantly reminded him of that part of his past when he heard it.

“Just hearing the song and remembering him wanting to get better and then falling short a few times — I felt like I was in a time and place to sing it now and be honest with it,” he explains. He added he recalls how hard that back-and-forth between recovery and relapse hit his mother, too.

Still, the experience had some positive effects on Jimmie, who says he shares his dad’s addictive personality but has been able to channel it into other avenues.

“Because even though my dad had his issues, he always reminded me that I shouldn’t do it. He said, ‘I’m telling you, this can cripple you,’” the singer says.

Tulip Drive arrives Friday.

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