Smoked meat, fireworks and family: Country stars share their favorite July Fourth pastimes

Everybody’s got their own Fourth of July traditions, but there are some staples that make the holiday what it is. If you ask these country stars, it’s all about the right food, getting a great view of the fireworks show and family.

“Fourth of July was always based on how poor we were,” jokes Luke Bryan, explaining that if the family’s bank account allowed, they’d go waterskiing. “And then some years we had it in our swimming pool in the backyard, and we would pop fireworks off.”

No matter where the festivities took place, the most important component was some well-cooked meat. “As long as there’s some form of smoking of pork, that’s a big thing,” he adds.

Chris Young agrees that great food is key to a great Fourth of July party. “If you’re asking me what I bring to a barbecue, it’s ribs,” he states. “They take a long time, but I do my own rub from scratch that I’ve adjusted over the years. Literally, I have to go get all the ingredients and blend them together. And I’ve got a whole process with how I make ribs.”

But for others, like Jordan Davis, locale is #1. Jordan grew up in Louisiana, spending the Fourth of July on a boat watching a fireworks show.

Now that the singer and his wife, Kristen, have a boat, he’s hoping to recreate the experience for their two kids, 2-year-old Eloise and 10-month-old Locklan.

“I think they’re still a little too young for that. But the second Kristen gives me the OK to take Locklan and Eloise out, I would love to go watch that show from the river,” he continues. “I think that’d be cool.”


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