Sam Hunt’s headed to “Walmart” for new song

Sam Hunt‘s serving up another slice of rural heartbreak with his new track, which arrives Thursday night. 

“I saw your mama at Walmart with your little girl,” he sings in a social snippet of the song named after the discount mecca. 

“She had your eyes and your smile/ She had your nose and your lips,” the lyrics continue. “Somewhere in our little small town/ Small talk girl/ Lost in the grocery aisle/ Holding a bag of some chips/ I realized that everything happens for a reason/ Losing your love ain’t the end of the world.”

Sam shares one clip on Twitter. If you want to hear a little more, check out the alternate on Instagram.

“Walmart” seems to continue with the back-to-his-roots themes in Sam’s hit “Water Under the Bridge” and the track “Start Nowhere,” which he released in November. 

Late last year, Hunt told ABC Audio he has quite a collection of tunes he wrote during the pandemic, but said he wasn’t sure if he’ll put them together as an album, preferring instead to release them one by one as they’re ready. His last collection was 2020’s SOUTHSIDE, which came six years after his debut, Montevallo.

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