Safety is top priority for Brett Young in 2021

Though Brett Young is looking ahead to a brighter 2021, he’s remaining conscious of the COVID-19 pandemic, and going into the new year with the mindset that the world will not suddenly return to “normal.”

“I think one thing that I’ve really been focusing on is that there’s not gonna be a day where we go, ‘All of this is gone. Back to business as usual,’” Brett says. “And so I think with that, January 1st, there’s not gonna be one thing that takes us all the way back to where we were.  There isn’t. It’s impossible.”

Safety is still the number-one priority for the singer as he returns to work, but with the well-being of his wife Taylor and one-year-old daughter, Presley, at top of mind, as well as the health and safety of his co-workers.  

“I think our responsibility is to continue to be safe because we all have a limited understanding of what this is and what’s going on, and so, I wanna be responsible to myself and my family and their wellness, but also to the stranger that I’m walking by on the street,” says Brett.  “So, we’re just trying to do our best as a family and as a group and a band to work as much as we can, to make sure we’re sharing music whenever it’s possible, but to be responsible and safe about it at the same time.”

In addition to releasing a new album in 2021, Brett also has a string of tour dates lined up in the spring, beginning with a show on April 8 in Columbia, South Carolina.

By Cillea Houghton
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