Russell Dickerson might be buying a toy dump truck for Christmas

Does Russell Dickerson think this Christmas might be the best one ever? Quite possibly yes. 

“Ever, man. We had a brand new baby [and have a] three-year-old, [and] he’s looking through [things]. They send you catalogs all the time and it works,” Russell tells ABC Audio.

“It’s like, ‘I want this. I want this dump truck,’ you know? So now we got to go to Costco and get this dump truck or he’s going to be pissed. Not really,” the “Blue Tacoma” hitmaker adds in jest.

Rusell’s latest studio album is his self-titled record, which arrived in 2022 and spawned the singles “God Gave Me a Girl” and the Jake Scott-assisted “She Likes It.”

For tickets to Russell’s 2024 Big Wheels & Back Roads Tour, head to his website.

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