“One Mississippi” comes off Kane Brown’s next album, but don’t expect more of the same from the track list

Kane Brown’s hard at work on a new studio album, but he says he’s been re-thinking the project and its singles roll-out.

“I’ve got this new thing in my head about how singles work, and albums,” the singer hints to ABC Audio, without giving away too much about what’s been on his mind. “I’m just playing with it right now.”

One thing’s for sure: The project won’t be predictable. Between his pop sensibilities and traditional, story song country roots, Kane’s got lots of themes and styles to choose from when it comes to putting the album together.

Take “One Mississippi,” the lead single, for example. An up-tempo earworm that’s full of fiddles, it’s reminiscent of songs Kane’s put out in the past like “Short Skirt Weather” and “Lose It” — but he says that’s not necessarily indicative of the general direction of the new music.

“What’s crazy is it doesn’t sound like anything else on the record,” the singer reveals. “So it’s cool. I just don’t know which — it’s like, I got the album finished. I just keep second-guessing myself and figuring out what else I want to release.”

Kane continued the album roll-out with the release of “Whiskey Sour” on Friday, and true to his word, it’s a very different song than “One Mississippi.” The new track is an introspective ballad, more reminiscent of Kane’s country roots, and inspired by classic country storytelling traditions.

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