Old Dominion started recording ‘Memory Lane’ on an island

The recording of Old Dominion‘s Memory Lane didn’t begin in a typical location like a recording studio or somewhere on Nashville’s Music Row. Instead, it all started on the sunny island of Key West, Florida.

“That’s where it started. That’s where we recorded the first four songs. You know, every time you make a new album, you don’t really know what you’re wading into,” the group’s Trevor Rosen tells ABC Audio.

“That was our first toe in the water when we went down there, and that’s where we recorded the [songs] ‘Memory Lane,’ ‘Ain’t Got a Worry,’ ‘Easier Said with Rum’ and ‘Hot Again’ — and that got the process going,” he recalls. “That’s the first snapshot in my mind.” 

Old Dominion is currently #24 on the country charts with their Megan Moroney-assisted single, “Can’t Break Up Now.” It follows Memory Lane‘s title track, which hit #1 in July.

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