No more “Up Down,” as Morgan Wallen vows he’s “back at home with myself”

For Morgan Wallen, it’s been a year of highs and lows.

Just last week, the “Up Down” hitmaker clinched the coveted CMA award for Best New Artist, as his music finds success on both the country and pop charts. 

But the triumph comes on the heels of the 27-year-old losing his performance slot on Saturday Night Live, and an arrest for public intoxication and disorderly conduct in Nashville.  He also recently revealed that he’s fathered a son. 

But Morgan says he’s turned things around.

“For me personally, I feel like I’m in a better spot…” he reflects. “With everything that’s went on with this year and with my career kinda exploding in a way, for me, it’s been easy to just get caught up in that.”

“And I kind of feel like I’m back at home with myself now, which is nice,” he adds.

After 2020, Morgan vows to never again take things for granted.

“You know, I’ve always loved playing shows and giving everything I got every night,” he declares. “I truthfully can say that…”

“You don’t ever look at a show and be like, ‘Damn, this might be my last one,’ you know?’ And I think I might treat every show like it might be from now,” he muses. 

Right now, Morgan’s latest hit, “More Than My Hometown,” seems destined to be country’s next number one, while his crossover track, “7 Summers,” climbs in the top 25 as well. 

His new double album, Dangerous, is set to come out January 8.

By Stephen Hubbard
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