No more ‘Madness’: Maddie & Tae’s album name just might have “manifested” some crazy life events

Maddie & Tae are completing their Through the Madness album cycle Friday, closing the chapter with its second and final installment, Through the Madness Vol. 2.

“We’ll probably be done with Vol. 2. I don’t think anyone wants Vol. 100 of Madness,” jokes bandmate Maddie Font, pointing out that the album cycle’s title seems to have inspired some real-life “madness” in the duo’s personal lives.

For one thing, Taylor Kerr had a complicated pregnancy amid the release process, resulting in a lengthy hospital stay. Taylor wound up giving birth to her daughter, Leighton, about three months early. Fortunately, following a NICU stay, baby Leighton is home and healthy.

Still, the duo might come up with a slightly calmer name for their next album. “I think we manifested madness by naming this album that,” Maddie goes on to say.

Though the Madness might be over, a slew of songs from its album cycle remain. Maddie & Tae say that narrowing down the track list was a pretty grueling process, and they had to cut a lot of songs they loved.

“Oh my gosh, it’s a tough process,” Taylor says of selecting songs for an album.

“We normally have staples for a record. Like, ‘Madness’ was a huge staple [for this one],” explains Maddie. “We kind of have our pillars, I would say, and everything else fits underneath that. But it was hard to say ‘bye’ to a lot of the songs.”

Through the Madness Vol. 2 is out now.

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