‘My Dirt Road Diary’: Luke Bryan’s docu-series is about “the American dream unfolding”

From his small-town Georgia childhood to his life today as one of country music’s brightest-shining stars, Luke Bryan will offer fans a peek behind the scenes in a new docu-series, Luke Bryan: My Dirt Road Diary.

But even if you’re unfamiliar with his country career, there’s still plenty to be in inspired by in Luke’s story.

That’s because “this docu-series is certainly the American dream unfolding,” Luke tells E! Online in a new interview. “It shows the ups and the downs and the challenges and I hope that people can watch the roller coaster of my life and they can go, ‘You know, my life’s been a roller coaster too. I’ve got to still keep fighting and working and digging.”

My Dirt Road Diary will paint a picture of Luke’s journey to stardom, featuring interviews with the people closest to him who helped him make it to the top, like his wife, Caroline.

“It’s been awesome seeing him go from doing a couple of shows a week to all of the sudden, he’s gone for 230 days out of the year, easily,” Caroline reflects, as the documentary sheds light on their love story. “You just have to ride the ride and hang on.”

Also featured in the docu-series is Luke’s mom, LeClaire, plus home videos from Luke’s younger days.

All five episodes of My Dirt Road Diary will stream for free on August 6 on IMDb TV, which is Amazon’s free streaming service. Ahead of release day, you can watch a trailer now.

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