Miranda Lambert is “Settling Down” in her home-inspired new video, with help from her hubby

Miranda Lambert strikes a balance between her wandering spirit and a happy home life in her new music video for “Settling Down.”

The clip is an especially personal one, as it was filmed at Miranda’s farm and features her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, as co-star.

“My mom always called me a wild child and a homing pigeon,” the singer reflects. “I always have an itch to find a new adventure, but I’m also always ready to walk through my front door. I feel like a lot of people feel that way, and ‘Settling Down’ tells the story of being caught between those two feelings.”

Aside from Brendan, Miranda’s horse, Gibson, makes an appearance in the video, as does Delta Dawn, one of her several rescue dogs.

Mirroring the lyrics of “Settling Down,” the song’s video follows Miranda as she enjoys both sides of what life has to offer. She sips red wine while writing lyrics in the grass, and gallops through fields on Gibson’s back, but she also cuddles up with her husband in a hammock and watches adoringly from afar as he fishes in the couple’s pond.

Miranda has a long history of highlighting her handsome husband’s shirtless physique on Instagram, so of course no Brendan cameo would be complete without a shot of him shirtless in the kitchen. In that segment of the video, he chops vegetables and shares a stiff drink with his superstar wife.

“Settling Down” is climbing the charts, and is currently a top-40 hit. It comes off of Miranda’s latest album, Wildcard.

By Carena Liptak
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