Midland pays homage to home state in “Up in Texas”

Midland is paying tribute to their beloved home state in “Up in Texas.”

Out now, the new track, which the group’s Jess Carson and Cameron Duddy penned with Josh Osborne and Bryan Simpson, proudly chronicles what life in the Lone Star state is like.

“You ain’t been awake/ ‘Til you wake up in Texas/ You ain’t felt heartbreak/ ‘Til you break up in Texas/ The best songs, the best bars/ And you ain’t seen stars/ ‘Til you look up in Texas/ Now out of ten, it’s eleven/ I bet even in Heavеn/ They say ‘up in Texas,"” Midland harmonizes in the breezy ode.

“‘Up in Texas’ might be an ode to the place where we formed as a band, but it is meant to be blasted from a dusty old jukebox anywhere on the planet,” says Jess.

“It’s a Lone Star anthem honoring the people, places and personas that have made the state a lil’ bigger than the rest,” Mark adds.

Coming up, Midland will kick off their Up In Texas Tour in San Antonio, Texas, on February 9. For tickets and a full list of dates, head to midlandofficial.com.

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