Mickey Guyton’s next song, “Somethin’ Bout You,” is an ode to her husband: “I wrote it about him”

Mickey Guyton is getting romantic in her next song, “Somethin’ Bout You”: The singer says it’s a personal message of love to her husband, Grant Savoy.

“That man is my biggest fan and he loves the song. I wrote it about him,” Mickey tells ET Online. “Really, it’s about just loving that person that just means so much to me.”

The singer co-wrote her new song with David Garcia and fellow country artist Tyler Hubbard. It’s the first of three new tracks she’s planning to put out this year. When she announced “Somethin’ Bout You,” Mickey explained that the song focuses on the early days of love — written from the perspective of someone who has since married and had a child with her partner.

“‘Somethin’ Bout You’ is reminiscent of those easy, joy-filled, early days of loving someone and discovering something new in each other every day,” she explained.

“Since having my son, Grayson, I’ve been seeing the arc of life from a new perspective, and I love celebrating every bit of it,” the singer continues, “from heartbreak to finding your person and falling in love, to the newfound love between a parent and a child. This song is the start of that journey.”

“Somethin’ Bout You” arrives on Friday.

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