Mickey Guyton’s husband reminded her who she was ahead of ‘Remember Her Name’

Mickey Guyton‘s Remember Her Name album is out.

The record, released almost a decade after she signed a recording contract, might never have been released if not for the urging of her husband, Grant Savoy.

“It has been a long time coming. Like, the fact that I’m here is a miracle,” Mickey told Yahoo! Entertainment. “In 2019, I was ready to stop it all. Really, 100 percent, sometimes on a daily, I was like, ‘Why did I choose to do this? Like, this makes no sense.’”

Mickey admits she got angry at Grant, who refused to let her quit, although his reasoning made sense to her.

‘He kept saying, ‘Because you need to be here. If you’re not out there, then for every Black girl that wants to sing country music, that dream has gone if you’re not there,"” she recalled. “Then I was like, ‘OK, fine.’ And I’m so glad I didn’t stop.”

Mickey will be honored next month as the Breakout Artist of the Year at the CMT Artists of the Year ceremony.

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