Mickey Guyton recalls meeting her hero Dolly Parton: “I screamed, I cried”

Mickey Guyton’s country music heroes are women who have changed the landscape of the genre and left lasting impressions with their talent, and she’s been lucky enough to meet several of them.

For example, as a still-rising act in 2016, Mickey got the chance to meet Dolly Parton during an on-camera surprise orchestrated by broadcast journalist Gayle King on CBS This Morning. Looking back on that encounter now, Mickey says she didn’t even try to play it cool.

“I mean, I screamed, I cried — it’s a whole thing,” Mickey jokingly recounts to People. “And she’s so little! Her waist is, like, that small. I’m not kidding. She made me feel really good about myself — but my waist!”

Even more memorable than Dolly’s waist is her legacy of paving the way for fellow female artists, and now, Mickey says she’s doing her part to do the same.

“I think everyone, no matter where you’re from, just wants to feel like they have a safe space, and I want to create that safe space for artists when they’re coming up,” she reflects.

Then, there are other idols like LeAnn Rimes: Mickey often shares a story about how watching a 10-year-old LeAnn sing the national anthem inspired her, at eight years old, to start performing herself. Now that she’s met LeAnn in person, Mickey says she can confirm that the singer is a “chef’s kiss of a person.”

“LeAnn has become a friend of mine, which is crazy!” she recounts. “Because she inspired me so long ago. She’s been so instrumental in my career.”

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