Martina McBride looks back at her career on 30th anniversary of her first recording contract

Martina McBride on Monday celebrated the 30th anniversary of signing her first recording contract, with RCA Nashville.  To mark the milestone, the singer reflected on her illustrious career by breaking down her five biggest hits in an interview with Billboard.

Looking back on her 1994 hit single “Independence Day,” McBride said she “knew I wanted to record this song immediately.”

“Halfway through the first listen I claimed it as mine. Looking back, it was kind of a ballsy move, I guess…to record and release this song,” she grinned. “I recognized the brilliance of the songwriting immediately and also felt a connection with this mother and child. I haven’t heard anything else that sounds like it to this day.”

Martina then dished on her 1995 song “Wild Angels,” telling the outlet, “I have always loved the energy of this song and the melody” and added, “This was my first No. 1 song.”

When looking back at 1997’s “A Broken Wing,” McBride said the song “felt really special” when she heard it, adding she “felt like it would empower someone who needed to hear it. I still haven’t heard a song about emotional abuse that is quite this direct.”

That led her to discussing “Concrete Angel,” a song about child abuse, which she released in 2002. “I hesitated to record it because I thought it might be too heavy. But in the end I followed my gut, which was telling me I needed to do it,” she said. “I think, in the end, it’s a healing song for many.”

Martina ended with 2003’s “This One’s for the Girls,” of which she said, “It can be difficult to find an uptempo song with substance.  I love the way this song hits on different stages of life. It’s really timeless.”

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