Maren Morris is planning a“big, writing, recording trip” with her husband + baby to work on album number three

Now that she’s officially cancelled her tour plans for 2021, Maren Morris says she’s excited to focus on new music.

“I ended up just going ahead and canceling my tour for the year, because it was just getting rerouted and rerouted, and I just felt weird having bands’ money hanging in the balance for that long,” the singer explained during a recent appearance alongside her husband, fellow performer Ryan Hurd, on Apple Music Country.

Though her tour schedule is stalled for the foreseeable future, Maren says that she’s in a creative headspace, and writing for album number three is proceeding full steam ahead. “So I’m actually about to start recording. Ryan and I are about to go on a big writing, recording trip together,” she explains.

It’ll be a new experience for the “Girl” star, who’s used to a routine that involves a lot of travel and performing live show after live show. Maren says that it’ll be her first time making a destination record.

“I’ve never gotten away to write. This is the first time we’re going away to do something creative,” she says. “We’re bringing our baby with us and that’s kind of it.”

The couple welcomed their first child, baby Hayes, in March of last year. Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they were planning to take him out on tour in the summer of 2020. Staying at home with her new family has been one unexpected silver lining of a turbulent time, Maren says.

“We’re also getting a ton of time home with our baby, and he’s about to have his first birthday in a couple of months. So that’s crazy,” she adds.

Maren and Ryan will release their first-ever duet, “Chasing After You,” Friday morning.

By Carena Liptak
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