Maddie & Tae’s Maddie Font once held Taylor Dye’s baby for a whopping eight hours: “I’m a baby hog”

Maddie & Tae are more than just bandmates — they’re also best friends. So when Maddie Font first met Taylor Dye’s baby girl Leighton, she immediately slipped into aunt mode.

“I’m such a baby hog,” Maddie admits in an interview the duo recently gave to ET Online.

“The first time she met Leighton … [she] held her for eight hours straight,” Taylor adds. “Eight hours!” Maddie agrees.

Eventually, the bandmates hope they’ll be raising families side by side. “When my husband and I have kids, our kids are gonna grow up like siblings almost,” Maddie continues. “Because we’re almost like siblings. And they’re always gonna have another family. Such a gift.”

As a confirmed “baby hog,” Maddie says she would love to have “a hundred babies, like, yesterday,” but the logistics are tough — especially as they are busily expanding their musical careers.

“You gotta plan it, you know, a little more, because you’re having babies on a tour bus,” Maddie says.

Right now, the tour bus in question is for Maddie & Tae’s CMT Next Women of Country Presents: All Song No Static Tour, a trek that will continue throughout this month. It’s also a busy time for the pair in terms of new music releases, as their Through the Madness: Vol. 2 project drops Friday.

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