Maddie & Tae say ‘We Need Christmas,’ but there’s one holiday classic that’s a hard pass

For their new holiday EP, We Need ChristmasMaddie & Tae recorded six songs they love, including two originals they co-wrote themselves. 

But it turns out there’s one perennial favorite the duo could do without.

“I really don’t like grandma getting run over by a reindeer,” Maddie protests.

“I don’t like that one other either,” Tae agrees.

“It’s just so gory,” Maddie continues. “It’s just like, ‘Poor Grandma! Dang! Why you gotta run over the granny?’… Poor grandma, you know?”

“By a reindeer?” Tae asks.

“Yeah! By a reindeer! What a savage reindeer! Geez!” Maddie adds, as the two laugh.

“Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” dates back to 1979, and was originally recorded by Elmo & Patsy. While the novelty song certainly has plenty of fans, make no mistake: Maddie & Tae aren’t among them. 

“It just doesn’t make me feel happy at all,” Maddie asserts. “It kind of does the opposite.”

“Yeah. What were they thinking when they wrote that? Who knows?” Tae chimes in.

“Maybe someone’s grandma really did get like just attacked by a reindeer,” Maddie laughs.

This holiday, Maddie & Tae are more focused on a “Merry Married Christmas,” since they’re both newlyweds. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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