Luke Combs marks a significant romantic milestone with “Forever After All”

Luke Combs‘ hit “Forever After All” was, of course, inspired by his romance with his wife, Nicole. But the North-Carolina-born superstar reveals that the track also marks another important milestone in their marriage.

“That was the first song that I wrote in my new house here that we moved into, I guess over a year ago now,” Luke says. “And I had had that kind of idea going around in my phone, and we just knocked it out that day.”

“We knocked it out good,” he adds.

Luke admits that moment in time put him in a particularly sentimental space.

“I was kind of in that mood of, ‘Oh, we just moved into our house that’s gonna be our home for a long time together,"” he reflects. “And so I was just kind of in that moment — in that state, I guess — when we were writing the song, and I felt like we did a great job on it.”

Luke and Nicole celebrate their first anniversary this summer, on August 1.


By Stephen Hubbard
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