Luke Combs drops “We Still Drink Beer” inspired by fan’s tweet

Luke Combs is on a writing streak, sharing a brand-new song, “We Still Drink Beer.” 

On Monday, Luke turned to Twitter to share that he and friends Dan and Reid Isbell were in the middle of a songwriting session when he came across a tweet from a fan named Billy McKee, who tagged him and Miller Lite in a photo from his wedding last weekend that shows his groomsmen chugging cans of the beer while he wears the box over his head. 

“If you guys don’t reply back to this photo I don’t know even know what to say!!” Billy challenged. “Hell yeah! My kinda folk. Congrats and drink another one for me,” Luke replied.

But he took it one step further, writing a brand-new song called “We Still Drink Beer” inspired by the photo.  

“I know I got a lot of beer songs, but here’s another one,” Luke said about the rugged acoustic number, which boasts imaginative lyrics that send them to the moon with a cooler full of cold ones, singing, “one small sip for man, cold cans for all mankind.” 

“We still drink beer/We still get loud/We still turn ’em up/Catch us a buzz while the sun goes down,” they chant. 

This is the second new track Luke has debuted in the past week on social media, following “See Me Now.”

One small sip for man, cold cans for all mankind. "We Still Drink Beer." @MillerLite @bmckee41

— Luke Combs 🎤 (@lukecombs) March 29, 2021

By Cillea Houghton 
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