Luke Bryan hoped to wrestle this song away from Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen‘s Dangerous: The Double Album continues to dominate the Billboard 200, which is adding a little insult to injury for Luke Bryan.  As it turns out, the country superstar really hoped to wrestle one of the album’s singles away from Wallen.

Speaking to Apple Music over the weekend, HARDY, who co-wrote the track “Sand in My Boots,” revealed to Wallen that the American Idol judge “fell in love” with the song.

When speaking about how the single came to be, HARDY — born Michael Wilson Hardy — told the 27-year-old singer, “I just had that idea in my phone for forever… I just had this idea about just a summer love kind of thing and I wanted to call it ‘Sand in My Boots."”

Wallen noted he “immediately fell in love with it” the second he heard it, which forced HARDY to divulge some pretty big news to the “Dangerous” singer.

“[Luke Bryan] fell in love with it, too,” the songwriter confessed, but attested he had no idea how the “One Margarita” crooner even got his hands on the demo.

But, as HARDY revealed, “Sand in My Boots” was already a done deal because “We wanted you to have it. We thought you could make it cool.”

“Sorry, Luke,” Wallen closed out with a laugh.

“Sand in My Boots” is currently number 8 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart while Wallen’s Dangerous album has notched its second consecutive week on top of the Billboard 200.

By Megan Stone  
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