“Like a Lady” on the road: Lady A can’t wait to roll with the changes and get back onstage

On Saturday night, new members of the Grand Ole Opry Lady A will play country music’s most famous stage. Then in July, they venture back into the world of touring, playing dates in both Minnesota and Texas.

While we don’t know their plans for hitting the road beyond that, the threesome agrees they can’t wait to get back onstage in front of live audiences, though they’re prepared for some changes, both due to the pandemic and the fact that their children are getting older. 

“Touring is definitely gonna, I mean, it may look different,” Charles Kelley points out. “I don’t know. I mean, we’ve even talked about if three of us gotta get back into a bus again, we can make that actually turn into something really fun, where you kind of turn a negative into a positive.”

“And our kids are gonna be, at some point here, all in school more,” he continues, “and they won’t be able to come out as much as they used to. So naturally, we’re gonna have to be more intentional about our dates and how we do it.”

Hopefully, it won’t be long before Charles, Hillary Scott, and Dave Haywood are back in front of crowds, recreating the music that made them famous.

“I will say right now, we’re dying to get back out on the road,” Charles adds. “And so it’s looking like sooner than later that’s gonna happen. And so I think we’re very excited about the prospect of that.”

In the meantime, the trio’s been working on the follow-up to 2019’s Ocean, the as-yet-untitled album that features their current hit, “Like a Lady.”

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