Lainey Wilson says having her music featured on ‘Yellowstone’ is a “blessing”

Lainey Wilson and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan are part of a mutual admiration society, so much so that Taylor has used Lainey’s music on the hit TV show multiple times, which Lainey calls a “blessing.”

It all started when Taylor discovered Lainey’s music when her self-titled EP was released in 2018 and he incorporated one of the tracks into the Paramount series. Soon after, Taylor invited the country star to Las Vegas, where he was hosting a horse-reining competition, and the two hit it off. 

“I went out there and met him and we really bonded over horses, because I grew up riding too, and developed this friendship,” she explains. “He has been a huge champion. I’m a fan of his…he’s a fan of mine, and it’s introduced my music to a crowd of people that might not listen to radio or might not know how to download music. It’s been such a blessing.” 

After her song “Small Town, Girl” was featured in the season-three finale in 2020, Lainey surprised fans on the season-four finale that aired Sunday night when she was featured performing a trio of songs: “Workin’ Overtime,” “Rolling Stone” and her #1 hit “Things a Man Oughta Know.”  

“You dream about your music being played on the radio and people singing it back to you, but you don’t ever think about your songs making it into one of the coolest, most bada** shows that’s out there right now,” Lainey professes. “It has been so cool.” 

“Things a Man Oughta Know” became the Louisiana native’s first #1 song in 2021. Meanwhile, her duet with Cole Swindell “Never Say Never” is currently climbing the charts, inching toward the top 20 on the Billboard Country Airplay tally. 

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