Kenny Chesney waltzes with a beloved memory on “Knowing You”

Kenny Chesney‘s leaning into the traditional side of country music for the new single from his Here and Now album. 

“Well, it’s one of the reasons I wanted to record ‘Knowing You,’” the superstar from East Tennessee explains.

“It was just the melody,” he says of its appeal. “Look, you don’t hear a waltz every day on the radio now, but this one was written with this beautiful melody twisted within that waltz.”

“Knowing You” pays homage to a relationship you treasured that’s past, be it romantic, familial, or friendly. It’s a sentiment Kenny was eager to express.

“What it says was so important to me, you know,” he tells ABC Audio, “because it just talks about having someone in your life that was very important, that’s not there anymore, but it’s still not a negative thing.”

“Who knows why they’re not there?” he continues. “They could have just moved on, you guys moved on, or they could have passed or whatever.”

“The song is just simply a reflection of how blessed you are to have known that person at all,” he adds. “And hopefully they’re somewhere out there in the universe thinking the same thing.”  

We’ll find out more about Kenny’s interpretation of “Knowing You” in the days to come, as he releases a music video he took a week to shoot last fall. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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