Kelsea Ballerini has no plans on going pop: “I’m really happy where I’m at”

Following the recent extension of her recording contract with Black River Entertainment, Kelsea Ballerini says she’s excited about the future and the creative projects she may be embarking on — whatever that looks like.

“I’m really open,” Kelsea tells ABC Audio. “Whether that be writing another book or whether that be trying my hand in film and TV. Whether that be working more as a writer, I’m really open to all those things that may inspire me.”

While Kelsea hit stardom with her country-pop catalog, she has no plans on ditching country for pop, contrary to rumors.

“I’m not going anywhere. And it always makes me laugh when people are like, ‘She’s going to pop.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not,"” says the “Miss Me More” singer. “I really have no intention of doing that. I’m really happy where I’m at.”

Kelsea’s latest project is the Grammy-nominated Rolling Up the Welcome Mat. Her latest full-length studio album is 2022’s SUBJECT TO CHANGE, which spawned the singles “Heartfirst” and “If You Go Down (I’m Goin’ Down Too).”

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