Jordan Davis, Tyler Hubbard + Brothers Osborne talk favorite Halloween candy

What do Jordan DavisTyler Hubbard and Brothers Osborne have in common? Their love for Reese’s on Halloween.

“My favorite Halloween candy [is] probably Reese’s or M&M’s, although I love the variety of Starburst. It’s one that I feel like I only eat at Halloween because I feel like at Halloween one of the popular ones is the two-piece Starburst things. So, probably Reese’s, M&Ms and throw in some Starbursts,” shares Jordan.

Brothers Osborne’s TJ echoes Jordan but with a few more personal favorites.

“I would say, Snickers, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat and Reese’s too,” he shares.

Tyler, being a chocolate fan, naturally gravitates to those good ol’ peanut butter cups. However, during Halloween, another candy tops Reese’s.

“Ooooohhh—I’m a chocolate guy, so I do love just a good ole Reese’s or a good ole Snickers, but when it comes to classic Halloween candy, I still, I like ole candy corn. I do. I like candy corn,” says Tyler. “Maybe it’s nostalgic, all that sugar, a couple of good cavities, remind you of childhood.”

Jon Pardi is on the same page as Tyler.

“Man! The candy corn is pretty good, and that’s seasonal, so it only kinda pops out during Halloween,” he says.

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