Jon Pardi is pretty sure he helped create a new pickup line with “Last Night Lonely”

Jon Pardi is celebrating his fifth #1 hit Wednesday with “Last Night Lonely,” the lead single from his upcoming Mr. Saturday Night album.

But even though he always suspected the song would be a big hit, Jon says he actually didn’t cut it right away after he heard it.

“I had ‘Last Night Lonely’ for two years before I even recorded it,” he remembers of the song’s long journey to country radio. “We’ve always loved that song. We loved the tempo, the lyrics, the melody, the chorus — everything about it.”

In fact, he adds, the song reminded him of another radio hit off his 2016 California Sunrise project. “It reminded me of ‘Night Shift’ a little bit,” he goes on to say. “It just had that thing, and we just knew it.”

But there’s one thing about “Last Night Lonely” that’s not like Jon’s releases to date — it’s a ready-made pickup line, a vibe that he played into when he decided to shoot the song’s music video in Las Vegas.

“We chose Vegas to shoot the video because [the concept was about] trying to find somebody in this city of people looking for people, you know?” the singer continues.

“And I’m damn well pretty sure that was probably a new pickup line, at some point of … being played on the radio,” he jokes. “You know some guy was like, ‘Could be your last night lonely.’”

Mr. Saturday Night arrives in full on Friday.

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