Jimmie Allen previews his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame interview, shares his musical influences

Jimmie Allen is sitting down with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for an extensive interview set to air next week on YouTube.

Before the conversation drops in full, you can catch a snippet, in which Jimmie explains how different musical legends from an array of genres helped inspire his sound and style.

“It was kind of like a mix between Charley Pride, Bono from U2, Prince, Elton John, Keith Urban … been a big Keith Urban fan since day one,” Jimmie says. Some of those influences, like the late Charley, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to his fans — after all, Jimmie and Charley collaborated in the studio and even performed together during a segment of the 2020 CMA Awards that honored the country legend’s legacy.

But a few others, like Prince and Bono, are a little bit more of a surprise — and Jimmie explains that he’s been inspired by a wide range of performers from a variety of eras.

“Some was their style, some was … how they did their vocals, some was their production, some was their lyric. It was kind of a mixture of all my favorite artists and what I loved about each one of them,” Jimmie goes on to say.

The full interview will air October 17 at 7 p.m. ET on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s YouTube channel.

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