Jelly Roll begs for a role on his favorite TV show: “Please call me

Jelly Roll has enjoyed hit records and major awards since he first broke through last year, but one of the most memorable things he’s experienced, he says, has been appearing on so many TV programs. However, there is one show that he hasn’t yet been on and really, really wants to be on — as an actor.

“Man, I’ve been on TV more times than I ever would have dreamed of being on TV,” Jelly told ABC News at the Stagecoach Festival. “I mean, Good Morning America, [Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve] … American Idol. I’ve been a part of television programs I’ve watched for decades.”

But the one program he’s willing to beg to be on is — drumroll, please— American Horror Story. Describing himself as a stan of the FX series, he raved to ABC News about getting to meet one of the show’s stars, Emma Roberts, at Stagecoach. “Me and my wife fanned out both times we seen her,” he said.

The “Save Me” singer offered a plea directly to Ryan Murphy, the co-creator and co-producer of American Horror Story.

“Ryan, please call me, man,” Jelly begged. “I know you don’t know me. If we could do a 30-minute Zoom and just let me hard sell you on why I should be in the next American Horror Story, I’d appreciate it.”

His plea continued, “Ryan Murphy. Yell at me. I’m shooting at you every time I get a chance on a national platform. Ryan Murphy, I’ll get my people with your people. I just need 15 to 30 minutes.”

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