Ingrid Andress says writing “sad girl” song “Christmas Always Finds Me” was “therapeutic”

When writing her original song, “Christmas Always Finds Me,” Ingrid Andress was intentional about finding comfort amidst the chaos. 

In what she calls a “sad girl” Christmas song, Ingrid wanted “Christmas Always Finds Me” to capture how people will be adapting their holiday traditions this year in response to the pandemic, but even though it’s a challenging time, there’s still hope to be found.  

“This year has been insane, and so I feel like it just came from a real place of thinking about how different the holidays are going to look this year for everybody. And I didn’t just want to write a song that didn’t really acknowledge that,” she explains of her process to ABC Audio.

“I feel like we still have so much to be grateful for though, even though we can’t celebrate the way we normally do,” she continues. “There’s always something to be grateful for and there’s always time for Christmas and the people that you love.”

She adds that writing the song served as a form of therapy and hints that there may be more holiday songs to come. 

“Writing that song was really therapeutic, and so I feel like even though it’s like kind of sad girl Christmas, there’s more where that came from. I just don’t know when,” she suggests. “The Christmas mood strikes at any moment. So we will see.”

By Cillea Houghton 
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