Hunter Hayes flips the script in new single “The One That Got Away,” debuts the song on ‘Good Morning America’

Hunter Hayes is kicking off his next album cycle with “The One That Got Away,” an upbeat single with bouncy pop beats and a message of optimism to match.

Though the song’s about ending a relationship, Hunter doesn’t seem to be shedding many tears in the lyrics to his new tune. Instead, it’s about finding the good in a difficult situation, and feeling free as he looks to the future.

“I wrote ‘The One That Got Away’ after having a certain chapter in my life end abruptly,” says Hunter.  “At first, I saw that change as a bad thing, even though I’d played a part in the ending. The song came from realizing that certain things I was holding onto so tightly were destroying me.”

“I wanted to write something that people could get a speeding ticket to and feel so lucky that they’ve gotten away from whatever wasn’t good for them,” he adds. “Whether that be a town or a job or a relationship or whatever else.”

Hunter stopped by ABC’s Good Morning America Thursday to debut “The One That Got Away.” Following that performance, he released the song everywhere, along with a free-wheeling music video to go with it. 

“The One That Got Away” is the first single to come off of Hunter’s upcoming album, Red Sky (Part III).

By Carena Liptak
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