‘Good Lookin’ Cookin”: Dolly Parton’s here to help feed your family

A week after her 78th birthday, Dolly Parton‘s back at work promoting the latest additions to her Duncan Hines baking mixes.

The newest offerings include muffins — blueberry, cinnamon and banana nut — as well as classic chocolate and yellow cake. Plus, the new buttermilk pancake mix represents a major expansion: it’s the first in ConAgra’s line of Dolly Parton branded products, ones that will eventually extend far beyond the baking aisle.

“I wanted to have foods that I grew up with, foods that I know people like, the comfort foods,” Dolly says, envisioning future additions. “We’re concentrating on those good old Southern meals that people like, whether it be meatloaf and chicken and dumplings, whether it be pork roast and potatoes, and all the good stuff that [goes] along with it.”

If you’re looking for more of Dolly’s kitchen secrets, they’ll arrive this fall, as she’s preparing a long-awaited cookbook that’ll finally be widely available.

“I have done cookbooks before at Dollywood and sold ’em mostly at the park and online,” she explains. “But I have taken a lot of those same recipes that have been in those books and brought them over into a new cookbook that I’m doing with my sister Rachel, who is a great cook, and she has some great recipes.”

“It’s called Good Lookin’ Cookin’,” Dolly reveals, as she lapses into singing the classic Hank Williams song that’s its inspiration. 

Dolly’s new Duncan Hines mixes are hitting store shelves now, while her new cookbook will arrive in September.

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